1 Kings




The main events of this book are David’s death, Solomon’s reign, the division of the kingdom and Elijah’s ministry. The book starts out with a united kingdom and then becomes divided.

I cut the painting into two parts to show a division and the contrast between the lives of those who live for God and of those who refuse to. The words on the light side of the painting are, “Commit yourself to seeking and following wise counsel. Wisdom comes from God alone. Is God the King over your life? Do you live for God and follow Him?” The contrasting words on the dark side are, “Or do you refuse to? Are you the king of your life? It is human nature to reject help and to do things our own way. A person without wise counsel tends to “mess up” repeatedly…”

That inner conflict of all people trying to be the kings of our lives or allowing God to reign is represented by the contrasting light and dark sides. Do we follow or do we refuse?