In this book, Daniel is put in the lion’s den and his three friends are put into a fiery furnace. But because they don’t bow down to anyone other than the One True God, He spares their lives.

The Book of Daniel centers around the Sovereignty of God. It reveals why God is the king of all kings and how we should live while awaiting the full realization of His return. God is in control of heaven and earth, directing the forces of nature, the destiny of nations, and the care of His people. Today, evil seems out of control. But God is sovereign over everything! And we are to put our security in Him.

This painting depicts my vision of each of us: the little figure at bottom, who is reaching out and leaning on our big and mighty God who is holding the world in His hands. We must hold onto our faith in God alone. He will work out His plans even when all seems lost to us.