Ezekiel was a young prophet to the Israelites exiled in Babylon. In an encounter with God, he was told to deliver powerful messages as a mouthpiece and watchman of God. God shaped Ezekiel to fit the mission as a tough, courageous man who had to reach a hard, stubborn people who had turned away from God. In a seemingly hopeless situation, God has people through whom He can work, including us!

The blues in the painting indicate the darkness of the time, when people were separated from God. The gold coming from the mouth is God’s Word through His prophet, and the scroll represents the words of lament, mourning and woe that God made him swallow.

Because of the people’s sin, God allowed the nation of Judah to be destroyed. But because of God’s unending, unbreakable covenant with His people, He called them to return to Him and be changed and restored. He gave Ezekiel a mountaintop vision of a rebuilt temple and restored land. There are consequences to walking away from God, but He is always faithful to restore us when we repent.