• Georgia's Mystery Tree, 6/4/08, 2:45 PM,  8C, 5218x4600 (756+2163), 100%, straight 6 sto,  1/12 s, R57.1, G53.7, B79.8

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root 66
a visual roadmap through life’s handbook
my personal quest for understanding and purpose led me to this lifelong project of creating
one abstract painting for each book of the bible, currently 44 of the 66 are finished
join me on this journey and experience the bible through this contemporary art form
come to a root 66 event to learn more or visit the root 66 gallery to see the paintings

hello & welcome

to Heaven & Earth Creations. My name is Linda Gerard Dzik and I am an artist who enjoys creating works through the fluid process of watercolors. My lifetime love of nature and the maturity of my faith have led me to what you will see on this site. It brings me deep joy to share it with you, please peruse and enjoy!

current work

I am currently in the process of creating the painting for the book of Romans in the Root 66 series . That is number 45 out of 66, which means 21 more to go!